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Rico Bergholdt Hansen

Odense, Denmark.


The island of Föhr (Før)

The island of Föhr (Før in Danish) was settled from north by vikings and from south by Germans but is part of Germany today. 

I wish all TV programs would be like this. Informative, beautifully filmed and respectful towards the history of the area. This TV program is from ARTE and is in German but watch it for the beautiful scenery, if you don't understand German...


World on a string...

World on a string is a Danish band consisting of Bjarke Falgren on violin, John Sund on guitar, Morten Lundsby on double bass and Ole Theill on tablas.

I believe, I was the first person to book the band back in 2003 for a concert at the Music Library in Odense. I was chairman of a now closed concert organisation back then.

The band's music is a mix of jazz, world music, gypsy music, folk and even Indian music. It's actually very difficult to describe what they do but whatever it is, it's catchy and you are guaranteed to move some body parts, when listening to this :)


The Singh-Ray filter blog

The Singh-Ray filter blog featured my 'Drama in the sky' video today.

Since January 2010 when I got my new Sony PMW-EX1R camcorder, I've been using some very nice filters from Singh-Ray - including a Vari-N-Duo in this video. 

They produce some very unique screw-in filters and 4x6 filters that I believe fit the Sony very well. I've always tried to find filters that matched my wish for creativity and versatility, and though these are not cheap filters, they do give me just that.

The video features music by my current favorite musician - Ane Østergaard - aka Band Ane. The music fits the clouds and the mood really well, I think. 

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it :)


Victor Borge - Jokes & Danish Folk Song Medley

Some old Danish folk songs for some old Danish folks :)


Retro - Danish music 1989-2003...

1989 - Laid back "Baker man"

1989 - D.A.D "Sleeping my day away".

1993 - Cut 'n' Move "Peace, Love - Harmony".

1994 - Dizzy Mizz Lizzy "Barbed wired baby's dream"

1995 - Me & My "Dub-I-Dub"

1997 - Aqua "Barbie girl"

1998 - Toy-Box "Tarzan & Jane"

2003 - Safri Duo "All the People in the world"