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My name is:
Rico Bergholdt Hansen

I live in:
Odense, Denmark.

This is where I post my own photos and videos along with general ramblings about the things that interest me, such as: Travelling, landscapes / nature, history, design, architecture, music, art, science & technology and related topics...


Noma - World's best restaurant 2010...

Noma of Copenhagen has been voted 'World's best restaurant' by The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants in London.

The best part is probably that Noma serve NORDIC food and not French, Italian or Spanish food.

This restaurant has over its six year existence helped change the perception of Danish / Nordic food. 

The last 10 years have seen a large group of Danish wine, speciality beer brewers and even a whisky distillery pop up and win prices around the world.


Painting the piggy bank...

This is a timelapse of my niece Amalie 'painting the piggy bank...'.

The EX1R shot one frame per second, so the 25 minutes it took to paint ended up giving me about one minute of footage in all.

I added some Magic Bullet Looks along with some Tchaikovsky for the final look.

This was shot during a visit to Lalandia in Billund: lalandia.dk/uk a huge waterpark where one of my older brothers has a holiday home: lalandia.dk/uk/holidayhomes/pages/NordicPlus8Billund.aspx

The original Legoland is right next door: legoland.dk

This photo is Amalie inside the Aquadome building. This restaurant street has a 'Las Vegas' feel and was taken on an iPhone with the Hipstamatic app.

Here is Amalie singing her heart out on Youtube :)


VisualAlpine 3D - Snow Management System (German version).

This is the final (German) version of the footage I shot in Hafjell (Lillehammer), Norway. 

It will be used at the Mikrofyn (Special Machines) stand at Bauma to promote the VisualAlpine 3D system from Mikrofyn.

I posted some info about this ealier...



The Faroe Islands

50.000 people (and twice as many sheep) on 18 tiny islands in the North Atlantic. This is a part of the Danish Kingdom - very different from mainland Denmark, though...

A Kovboy Film production. Their Youtube Channel has lots of high quality Faroe Islands footage.

...and here's a look at the capitol Torshavn (or Thor's Habour)...


Visual Machine Control - Snow control in Lillehammer, Norway.

Some of the clips that I shot in Hafjell Resort - near Lillehammer in Norway. 

The Prinoth Everest snow groomer is equipped with a system from Mikrofyn (my employer) that gives the driver total snow control via GPS, sensors on the plough and the Visual Machine control box.

Scanlaser is Mikrofyn's selling unit.

We had hoped for blue / clear skies and grand views but a thick fog changed that completely. The color grading is supposed to underline that. 

This was shot on a Sony PMW-EX1R. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9 and color graded with Magic Bullet Looks. Recorded as 1920x1080 25p and rendered as 1280x720 25p (30-35mbps).




Music by Spleen United.