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to my Internet home...

My name is:
Rico Bergholdt Hansen

I live in:
Odense, Denmark.

This is where I post my own photos and videos along with general ramblings about the things that interest me, such as: Travelling, landscapes / nature, history, design, architecture, music, art, science & technology and related topics...


EX1R timelapse (interval recording)

Playing around with interval recording from my balcony. Timelapse is so much easier with this camcorder than what I'm used to. 

This is two 30 sec. clips. The first one is 1 frame every 5 seconds while the second is 1 frame every second.

I used a little Magic Bullet Looks on both clips.


EX1R in New York - a shaky beginning... 

I picked up a Sony PMW-EX1R from B&H in New York and spent a week testing it out all over Manhattan. This is a serious upgrade from my earlier Canon HG10 + Letus Mini combo. Handholding this beast is obviously not easy at all but I'll be doing mostly tripod stuff with it anyway. Here, and in future footage, the EX1R is set to fully manual. There is a lot to learn but that's the whole idea behind getting this camcorder in the first place :). Everything is unedited and ungraded. It'll show you how a novice does with something this complex.

I promise, I'll do better from now on :)

Clips from:
Gramercy Park East
East Village
Brooklyn Bridge
Ground Zero
Liberty Island
Ellis Island
Greenwich Village
Washington Square Park
Upper West Side
Central Park
Upper East Side

Sound from built-in mic (with Rycote Mini windjammer mounted).

Doug_01 picture profile (Vortex EX1 DVD).


Norway by train - Bergen to Oslo

I'm one of those people who actually enjoy watching something like this :) The full video is more than 7 hours long and is available for download (22GB @ 1280x720). I remember watching videos like this from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on German TV late at night (4AM to 5AM). Nothing relaxes me more... :)


Next year, baby - 2009 in retrospect...

Next year, things are gonna' change :)

Looking back on 2009 and dreaming of things to come.

This is much of what my gear saw in 2009. I've sold much of my gear now but only to be able to buy something even better in the new year... :p

May you all have a beautiful and prospereous new year. I'll be in New York in January - after that, things will change (a bit)...


TV shows of the 80's

I was 12 years old - it was 1985 :) The DJ Kat Show was on TV (my first encounter with British TV "Sky Channel" - Nothing but German TV until then). DJ Kat and Linda De Mol hosted the show that I remember best.

I remember getting up every Sunday (or was it Saturday?) at 7AM to see the following shows :)

Ulysses 31



Inspector Gadget


Dr. Snuggles

Pink Panther

Fraidy Cat



Alvin and the chipmunks



Mr. Magoo

Jayce and the wheeled warriors

Around the world with Willy Fog

Danger Mouse

He Man


Shoe People



And this one from German TV