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My name is:
Rico Bergholdt Hansen

I live in:
Odense, Denmark.

This is where I post my own photos and videos along with general ramblings about the things that interest me, such as: Travelling, landscapes / nature, history, design, architecture, music, art, science & technology and related topics...


Michael Palin and the Mystery of Hammershoi

Vilhelm Hammershøi (Hammershoi) was a Danish painter born in Copenhagen in 1864. He's best known for his interiors with muted tones. Most interiors were from his own apartment at Strandgade 30 in Copenhagen.

Michael Palin made this portrait of Hammershoi for the BBC in 2005. This is the first of five parts.


The Norwegian coastline from south to the Arctic...

A documentary made by BBC Scotland in 2009. A great mix of nature, history and general knowledge about an area of the world that receives few tourists. I need to go someday - it just seems like a 3 week summer vacation isn't enough :)

This is the first of six videos. I'm sure you know how to find the other parts if you feel like seeing the rest of it.


The viking discovery of North America...

One of the better documentaries made about the viking discovery of North America.


Latest arrivals

The dino came in the box with my Digital Harinezumi 2 - a fun toy camera / camcorder with the look of 8mm film. The photo was taken / uploaded with an iPhone using the Hipstamatic and Squarespace apps.



Sao Miguel, Azores - here I come... :)

I'll be visiting the beautiful island of Sao Miguel in May 2010. 15 days of pure relaxation :) This is my kind of landscapes - and my apologies to the other 8 islands for not visiting. These 9 Azorian islands in the Atlantic Ocean will be part of my vacation itinerary over the next decades (I'm sure).

Vis Sao Miguel, The Azores på et større kort

The map will be updated with new locations in the coming weeks...

I'll be staying at Furnas Lake Villas for those 15 days. What a beautiful place :)