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Rico Bergholdt Hansen

Odense, Denmark.


The Vinland Mystery

This 30 minute documentary about the Norse discovery and settlement of North America is well worth watching, if you're interested in Viking history.


iPhone HDR

Here's an HDR photo taken with the pro HDR app for the iPhone. I cropped it and made a few changes on my PC. Click the photo for the original iPhone HDR.


Labtop girl #4

Tone aka Sofie Nielsen is another female artist on the Danish electronica scene. I love her melancholy voice and the universe she creates with her simple tunes...


The island of Föhr (Før)

The island of Föhr (Før in Danish) was settled from north by vikings and from south by Germans but is part of Germany today. 

I wish all TV programs would be like this. Informative, beautifully filmed and respectful towards the history of the area. This TV program is from ARTE and is in German but watch it for the beautiful scenery, if you don't understand German...


World on a string...

World on a string is a Danish band consisting of Bjarke Falgren on violin, John Sund on guitar, Morten Lundsby on double bass and Ole Theill on tablas.

I believe, I was the first person to book the band back in 2003 for a concert at the Music Library in Odense. I was chairman of a now closed concert organisation back then.

The band's music is a mix of jazz, world music, gypsy music, folk and even Indian music. It's actually very difficult to describe what they do but whatever it is, it's catchy and you are guaranteed to move some body parts, when listening to this :)