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Rico Bergholdt Hansen

Odense, Denmark.


Labtop boy #5

Aerosol aka Rasmus Rasmussen once played in the post-rock band Limp with two of my favorite electronica musicians Jonas Munk (Manual) and Jakob Skøtt (Syntaks). His solo project Aerosol is not far off their own solo projects - ambient, down-tempo electronica.


Steffen Schackinger - Guitar on the edge...

Steffen Schackinger comes from my hometown of Odense. He was voted world's 15th best guitarist (ever) by the users of the Guitar on the edge website.

I did not know about him until I heard about the nomination but I guess that's my bad. However, I was a big fan of the Danish band Merzy with whom he played for a number of years.

His talent is very obvious, though. Have a listen, if you're into rock guitar.



I just stumbled upon these guys. The fact that they are Danish is not at all apparent in their music. Jazzy soul with a touch of electronica and orchestral music - just beautiful...

Visit Quadron's myspace.


├śresundsbron 10

Thursday July 1st 2010, I went on a somewhat long train journey to film the 10 year anniversary of the Øresund Bridge. They were celebrating the bridge with a fireworks / laser show and I decided to test my EX1R's night capabilities. I was back home in Odense, Denmark at 4 in the morning and had to go to work again at 8 but it ended up being a nice trip anyway :). See my blog for much more info and construction videos: pixelviking.com/blog/2010/6/30/bridging-the-gap-the-resund-bridge-turns-10-years-old.html

To be honest, it was my first time over the bridge and my first 'real' visit to Sweden. I've been to Sweden twice but only by air to the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm to transfer to Tokyo (1995) and to Moscow (2001).

The fireworks were to start at 11.15pm but didn't start until 11.40pm when it finally got dark enough. It was a really pathetic show but I managed to shoot two hours up to the show :) The intro shot was done at 9.15pm and everything comes in the order that it was filmed. Days are long, this time of year.

I think it came out pretty decent. I used the 'slow shutter' function to achieve a 'long exposure' timelapse. The last half of the timelapse was shot in total darkness and the EX1R did pretty good. This was SLS 6 and 8 at -3db gain (changed to +3db gain at 01:49).

I used Magic Bullet Looks slightly for contrast and to warm up the colors a bit. Everything was shot from the same spot. Let me know what you think.

PS: Look for the trains that run under the roadway and the airplanes landing at Copenhagen Airport opposite Malmö where I was...

Download the original 1920x800 @ 35mbps VBR if you want full HD.


Bridging the gap - the ├śresund Bridge turns 10 years old...

Øresundsbron aka The Øresund Bridge is the bridge between Denmark and Sweden (Copenhagen and Malmö). It is  the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and it has changed how people live in the region. The bridge turns 10 years old on July 1st 2010. It will be celebrated with a large fireworks / laser show on the bridge and I've decided to go and film the event - on the Sweden side in Malmö. More to come :) 

Since I live on the Danish island of Fyn (Funen), I have to cross another bridge too - the Great Belt Bridge between Funen and Zealand (the third largest suspension bridge in the world) before I cross the Øresund Bridge.