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to my Internet home...

My name is:
Rico Bergholdt Hansen

I live in:
Odense, Denmark.

This is where I post my own photos and videos along with general ramblings about the things that interest me, such as: Travelling, landscapes / nature, history, design, architecture, music, art, science & technology and related topics...


The Art of the Vikngs - BBC 2013...

This half hour documentary was made by BBC FOUR as one of 12 episodes in the 'Secret Knowledge' series.

It focuses on viking culture as seen at an exhibition in Edinburgh with objects from the Swedish National Museum. 

It of course has nothing to do with the current 'Vikings - life and legend' exhibition at the British Museum in London.

Drama series such as HBO's 'Vikings' are interesting to people with an interest in viking history but it really needs to be mixed with 'real' information from historians / archaeologists who don't have high audience ratings as a measure of succes...


Felix Baumgartner - Red Bull Stratos...

Jumping from 24 miles up - in Full HD...

Machinarium - Getting Lost in another World...

Machinarium is a game (online, PS3, Android and iPhone/iPad) from the Czech company Amanita Design. I love the soundtrack by Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex. Click here for a video walkthrough of the game.
And some music from the game...
And some Floex music (love the visuals)...

Subheim - Epic Orchestral Electronica...

Subheim aka Kostas Katsikas is a Berlin-based Greek who produces some very atmospheric and introvert music which can only be described as 'epic orchestral electronica'. 

The above Youtube playlist holds 4 tracks from his 2 albums 'Approch' (2008) and 'No land called home' (2010).


Rebekka Karijord - New Album...

Rebekka Karijord (born 1976 in Lofoten, Norway) is a bit of a multi-artist. She has studied music, acting and ballet. She composed her first song when she was 3 and recorded her first demo with her own songs when she was 8. She has produced music for more than 30 films.

The new album 'Music for film and theatre' was released January 20th, 2014.

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