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Rico Bergholdt Hansen

Odense, Denmark.


The Viking Mind - Lecture by Neil Price...

3 lectures by Professor Neil Price in one YouTube playlist (3 x 80 minutes).

Lecture 1 - The Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking Universe.

Lecture 2 - Life and Afterlife: Dealing with the Dead in the Viking Age.

Lecture 3 - The Shape of the Soul: The Viking Mind and the Individual.


P571 HDMS Ejnar Mikkelsen Patrolling Greenland...

A beautiful and evocative video of the Royal Danish Navy's patrol vessel P571 HDMS Ejnar Mikkelsen patrolling off the Greenland coast.

Ejner Mikkelsen is the second unit of the Knud Rasmussen class offshore patrol vessels. A third ship will follow in 2016.


Gyldensteen Strand - January 2015...


New Viking Ring Fortress in Denmark...

The newly excavated Viking ring fortress near Køge on the island of Zealand.
It was actually found long ago but was not excavated extensively, so nobody knew that this was from the Viking Age. Denmark now officially has 5 Viking ring fortresses that were all built around 980AD.

1066 - The Battle for Middle Earth...

1066 - that infamous year in English history (which has later been called the end of the Viking Age).

King Edward the Confessor dies in 1066 and Vikings and Normans attack England for their claim to the throne.

The (mostly Norwegian) Vikings battle the English (including Viking settlers mostly from Denmark who first attacked this part of England exactly 200 years earlier and now were part of the population) first at Fulford and then at Stamford Bridge (both near York, then called Jorvik) while the Normans later attack at Hastings.

This 150 minute BBC production from 2009 tells the story of these battles from the English / Anglo-Saxon point of view.