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My name is:
Rico Bergholdt Hansen

I live in:
Odense, Denmark.

This is where I post my own photos and videos along with general ramblings about the things that interest me, such as: Travelling, landscapes / nature, history, design, architecture, music, art, science & technology and related topics...


Monnet - A salt marsh - Tåsinge, Denmark...


Svanninge Bakker - The Funen Alps...

A walk in the hills on a hot summer's day...

Click for larger view...


Tycho - Official Video for 'SEE'...

Tycho aka Scott Hansen is a visual artist (known as iso50) / electronica musician from San Francisco.

'See' was released on the 'Awake' album in early 2014 on Ghostly International.

The 'Awake Tour' comes to Europe in late July 2014.


CopSub - HEAT-2X Rocket Test May 31st w. Live Stream...

Copenhagen Suborbitals will be test firing their newest rocket this coming Saturday May 31st - Follow along on the Live Stream from 11:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) - ignition at 14:00 CEST. If everything works the way it should, the rocket (the largest amateur rocket ever built) will try to reach space (100km+) this summer. 

Visit www.CopSub.com for more info...




Photography Terms Explained - ISO, DoF & F-stop...

Dylan Bennett of Youtube made these very informative and easy to understand guides to some of the more important terms in photography.

ISO (the light sensitivity of the sensor and what happens if you turn up ISO).

DoF ('Depth of Field' or how much of the image that is in focus).

F-stop (aka aperture size and those 'weird' f-numbers).

He did not make a video about shutter speed (yet) but you could read the Wikipedia article about different shutters for an in-depth knowledge about this important part of the camera.