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A History of Ancient Britain...

BBC makes some of the best programmes for those with an interest in history - in this case pre-history in Britain / Northern Europe.

After the last Ice Age ended (around 10,000 BC.), people started moving north into Northen Europe. At first, they were hunter/gatherers and later they settled as farmers. They left us monuments like Stonehenge, large burial mounds, stone circles, carvings and much more as a proof of their presence.

From what they left us, we can see how they evolved through time (Stone Age and Iron Age). From flint weapons to weapons and tools made of copper and bronze.

The above playlist holds four shows of each one hour. Not only is it beautifully told but it is also beautifully made with great imagery. Knowing about our past is important. They really weren't that different from us. Human kind is very human in every way :)

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