Hi, and welcome to my Internet home. My name is Rico Bergholdt Hansen - I'm Danish and live in the City of Odense, Denmark, where I was born October 20th, 1972.

As you might have guessed from this blog. I'm very interested in photography, videography and things like music, travelling, history, culture, geography, high-tech and design.

I have a 'Bachelor of Arts' (BA) degree in English & German Business Language and finished one year of a (two year) master's degree in Multimedia design, production & technology.

The [ PIXEL VIKING ] blog used to be a photoblog only made with Pixelpost software. It was online from July 2006 and until January 2009. It made it into the 'Hall of Fame' at Photoblogs.org (March 10th 2007) and was nominated for 'Best European Photoblog' in 2006 by Photoblogawards.com.

However, I wanted to incorporate video as well after buying a camcorder in 2008.

The first camera I ever owned was a Canon EOS 1000F (film camera) that I got in order to document the year I spent in the USA as an Au Pair back in 1994.

The camera was stolen just before I left the USA and I didn't get a new one until early 2006, when I discovered photoblogs and wanted to try out photography again.  I purchased a Canon EOS 30D that I still have today.

In late 2007, I discovered Vimeo.com and was instantly hooked on videography as well. In February 2008, I purchased a Canon HG10 video camcorder and started posting videos on Vimeo. I later added a 35mm adapter from Letus35.com (the Letus35 Mini). January 2010, the Letus was sold to make room for a new love - the Sony PMW-EX1R. The EX1R was sold in August 2011. I'm now thinking abut the next step - a return to shallow DoF but without an adapter. I'm not a big fan of VDSLRs and am looking at true camcorders with interchangable lenses. Something like the Sony NEX FS100 to go with my new collection of large aperture Samyang manual lenses.