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Rico Bergholdt Hansen

Odense, Denmark.


Vikings: Season 3 - Athelstan's Journal...

Nine History Channel 'webisodes' as a prelude to season 3 - in one Youtube playlist.

These webisodes take Athelstan's thoughts and observations to a new level when he ponders topics such as: Gods, honour, loyalty, sin, blood, family, savagery, Gods & men and vows.

Footage from the series is used but his voice-over with thoughts and observations is new and uniqe to these clips.

The clash between his Christian background and his new pagan life with the Vikings comes to life.

If you are starting to watch this series from season 3, it will also be a good introduction to this 'universe'...


Vikings: Season 3 - Archaeology...

It's nice to see History Channel produce videos like these to complement the TV series.


Shield Maidens - Were they real?


Stories of the West - Ribe, Denmark - the first Scandinavian town - a center of trade.


The Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok - What we know about him... and his sons.


The Viking Longship - Experimental archaeology - reconstructing and sailing the ships.


The Great Halls - Viking architecture. Settlements in Scandinavia, hords and artifacts.


Conversions - Norse Gods vs. Christianity. Pagans and their beliefs.


P571 HDMS Ejnar Mikkelsen Patrolling Greenland...

A beautiful and evocative video of the Royal Danish Navy's patrol vessel P571 HDMS Ejnar Mikkelsen patrolling off the Greenland coast.

Ejner Mikkelsen is the second unit of the Knud Rasmussen class offshore patrol vessels. A third ship will follow in 2016.


Gyldensteen Strand - January 2015...


New Viking Ring Fortress in Denmark...

The newly excavated Viking ring fortress near Køge on the island of Zealand.
It was actually found long ago but was not excavated extensively, so nobody knew that this was from the Viking Age. Denmark now officially has 5 Viking ring fortresses that were all built around 980AD.