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Rico Bergholdt Hansen

Odense, Denmark.


Gyldensteen Strand - January 2015...


New Viking Ring Fortress in Denmark...

The newly excavated Viking ring fortress near Køge on the island of Zealand.
It was actually found long ago but was not excavated extensively, so nobody knew that this was from the Viking Age. Denmark now officially has 5 Viking ring fortresses that were all built around 980AD.

1066 - The Battle for Middle Earth...

1066 - that infamous year in English history (which has later been called the end of the Viking Age).

King Edward the Confessor dies in 1066 and Vikings and Normans attack England for their claim to the throne.

The (mostly Norwegian) Vikings battle the English (including Viking settlers mostly from Denmark who first attacked this part of England exactly 200 years earlier and now were part of the population) first at Fulford and then at Stamford Bridge (both near York, then called Jorvik) while the Normans later attack at Hastings.

This 150 minute BBC production from 2009 tells the story of these battles from the English / Anglo-Saxon point of view.


Vikings - A Comprehensive Lecture by Kenneth W. Harl...

Professor Kenneth W. Harl presents a very comprehensive look at the Vikings.

36 lectures each 30 minutes long (each lecture is split into a playlist of 3 youtube videos below).

'As explorers and traders, the Vikings played a decisive role in the formation of Latin Christendom, and particularly of Western Europe. In this course, you will study the Vikings not only as warriors, but also in other roles for which they were equally extraordinary: merchants, artists, kings, raiders, seafarers, shipbuilders, and creators of a remarkable literature of myths and sagas.

Professor Kenneth Harl synthesizes insights from an astonishing array of sources: The Russian Primary Chronicle (a Slavic text from medieval Kiev), 13th-century Icelandic poems and sagas, Byzantine accounts, Arab geographies, annals of Irish monks who faced Viking raids, Roman reports, and scores of other firsthand contemporary documents.

Among the topics you will explore in depth are the profound influence of the Norse gods and heroes on Viking culture, and the Vikings' extraordinary accomplishments as explorers and settlers in Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland. With the help of archeological findings, you will learn to analyze Viking ship burials, runestones and runic inscriptions, Viking wood carving, jewelry, sculpture, and metalwork.

From 790–1066, virtually invincible Viking fleets fanned out across Europe, raiding, plundering, and overwhelming every army that opposed them.

By 1100, however, the Vikings had disappeared, having willingly shed their identity and dissolved into the mists of myth and legend. How did this happen, and how should we remember this formidable civilization that, for being so formative, proved so transient?' (From The Great Courses website).

Lecture 1: The Vikings in Medieval History

Lecture 2: Land and People of Medieval Scandinavia

Lecture 3: Scandinavian Society in the Bronze Age

Lecture 4: Scandinavia in the Celtic and Roman Ages

Lecture 5: The Age of Migrations

Lecture 6: The Norse Gods

Lecture 7: Runes, Poetry and Visual Arts

Lecture 8: Legendary Kings and Heroes

Lecture 9: A Revolution in Shipbuilding

Lecture 10: Warfare and Society in the Viking Age

Lecture 11: Merchants and Commerce in the Viking Age

Lecture 12: Christendom on the Eve of the Viking Age

Lecture 13: Viking Raids on the Carolingian Empire

Lecture 14: The Duchy of Normandy

Lecture 15: Viking Assault on England

Lecture 16: The Danelaw

Lecture 17: Viking Assault on Ireland

Lecture 18: Norse Kings of Dublin and Ireland

Lecture 19: The Settlement of Iceland

Lecture 20: Iceland - A Frontier Republic

Lecture 21: Skaldic Poetry and Sagas

Lecture 22: Western Voyages to Greenland and Vinland

Lecture 23: Swedes in the Baltic Sea and Russia

Lecture 24: The Road to Byzantium

Lecture 25: From Varangians into Russians

Lecture 26: Transformation of Scandinavian Society

Lecture 27: St. Anskar and the First Christian Missions

Lecture 28: Formation of the Kingdom of Denmark

Lecture 29: Cnut the Great

Lecture 30: Collapse of Cnut's Empire

Lecture 31: Jarls and Sea Kings of Norway

Lecture 32: St Olaf of Norway

Lecture 33: Kings of the Swedes and Goths

Lecture 34: Christianization and Economic Change

Lecture 35: From Vikings to Crusaders

Lecture 36: The Viking Legacy



F-16s over Greenland

RDAF testing F-16s for SAR over Greenland...